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Path of Expressions - tourist info


Furthermore, we could not fail to mention the "Path of Expressions" (Schignano - Valle d'Intelvi), very close to us (which begins, a few meters after leaving the property of the Al-Marnich farmhouse): a trekking excursion (typical of our Intelvi valley), of medium difficulty, which is noteworthy, since, in addition to the landscape on Lake Como, which gives us at the end of the mountain trekking route in question; starting from the middle of the path, you can admire many and diversified wooden sculptures, by an international community of "sculptor woodcutters" (sculptures, which every year, are implemented with others, inspired by different themes / representations; during the local cultural and tourist event, called: "Boscultura").

Our farm holiday is the ideal meeting point, to then continue towards the path of expressions or to stop, for a refreshing stop, before continuing your excursion ...
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