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Agriturismo Villa Carlotta - Tremezzo (Lake Como)


Another special mention goes to the "Villa Carlotta", located in Tremezzo (Como - 25 minutes by car, from our holidays farm), along Lake Como: it is an ancient villa in Baroque architectural style. Famous for its remarkable and large botanical garden; it is considered a must for those who come to visit Lake Como.

In the Villa Carlotta, in addition to the famous and splendid botanical garden; There is also a museum / exhibition inside the villa: artistic works, mainly dating back to the first half of 1800 AD, including paintings by famous painters, of the caliber of: Antonio Canova and Bertel Thorvaldsen.

Villa Carlotta is a few km from our farm holidays near Como (Schignano - Valle d'Intelvi) and we are pleased to offer a special agreement for the purchase of entrance tickets to the villa (which offers an internal museum and and fascinating botanical garden): a 22% discount on the standard ticket price.

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